Guildford, United Kingdom

ANGLE is a specialist diagnostics company. Its proprietary Parsortix technology can capture and harvest very rare cells, including CTCs (circulating tumour cells), from a blood sample. The FDA approval for its clinical use to guide precision cancer care will open up further multiple commercial opportunities.

Investment Perspective

ANGLE’s business update outlines the progress made in 2022, including the FDA clearance of Parsortix to harvest cancer cells from patient blood for subsequent analysis in mBC (metastatic breast cancer) and the highly positive ovarian cancer data. Management’s strategy remains focused on making Parsortix broadly available to industry and patients. However, market conditions are notably challenging and have prolonged partnering discussions and delayed commercial uptake. Headwinds include broad pricing and cost pressures impacting all industry participants, and funding constraints, especially affecting smaller healthcare companies. Regardless of these external factors, ANGLE remains confident in its commercial strategy to make Parsortix broadly available to industry and patients, which is focused on three key areas: pharma services, corporate partnerships, and a product-led business (either directly or via distributors).

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