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ANGLE is a specialist diagnostics company. Its proprietary Parsortix technology can capture and harvest very rare cells, including CTCs (circulating tumour cells), from a blood sample. The FDA approval for its clinical use to guide precision cancer care will open up further multiple commercial opportunities.

Investment Perspective

ANGLE is progressing its proprietary Parsortix cancer diagnostic platform through several key inflection points over the next 24 months, most notably FDA approval. In parallel, it has initiated commercialisation through the creation of two clinical laboratories (in the UK and US), which can offer services to the pharma industry and LDTs (Laboratory Developed Tests) for the clinical market. Parsortix is an elegant microfluidic device that captures circulating tumour cells (CTCs) for analysis. Such liquid biopsies will be employed increasingly not only in initial diagnosis, but to monitor and guide treatment. Our DCF-based valuation is £549m, or 255p per share.

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Parsortix commercial traction would be transformational
Initiation | 11 May 2021

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