Guildford, United Kingdom

ANGLE is a specialist diagnostics company. Its proprietary Parsortix technology can capture and harvest very rare cells, including CTCs (circulating tumour cells), from a blood sample. The FDA approval for its clinical use to guide precision cancer care will open up further multiple commercial opportunities.

Investment Perspective

ANGLE’s updates reveal dialogue with FDA for Parsortix’s approval for use in mBC (metastatic breast cancer) is continuing and constructive, first submissions for accreditation of UK and US clinical laboratories have been made, but development of the ovarian cancer LDT (Laboratory Developed Test) has been hampered by a delay to data read out from a key study (due to third-party supply issues) to H122. A new study comparing CTC harvest and downstream analysis against biopsies in mBC shows good correlation and indicates Parsortix use could materially benefit clinical diagnoses and treatments. The longer wait for FDA approval and first LDT roll-out prompt us to revisit our forecasts and valuation models. Our new valuation of £506m ($658m), or 215p/share compares to £581m ($755m), 248p/share previously.

Market information

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