Arecor Therapeutics
Little Chesterford, United Kingdom

Arecor is a revenue-generating clinical-stage drug developer. Its proprietary Arestat formulation platforms are the basis of an in-house and partnered pipeline of enhanced products with lower development risks and less onerous regulatory approvals.

Investment Perspective

Arecor is successfully progressing its in-house pipeline, with both key diabetes programmes, AT247 (ultra-rapid insulin) and AT278 (ultra-concentrated ultra-rapid insulin), undergoing Phase I studies. Recent AT278 data demonstrated the promising profile, which is especially suited to high-dose insulin users and will be further explored in an upcoming Phase I study in Type II diabetes. AT247 data from a US insulin pump trial is expected shortly and will similarly guide its likely role in the nascent, and commercially important, insulin pump market. The recent acquisition of Tetris Pharma, supported by a £6m equity raise in August, brings near-term revenues and longer-term operational flexibility. Updating our rNPV model for H122 results and the acquisition generates an Arecor valuation of £177m, or 581p per share.

Market information

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Update | 21 Sep 2022
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Acquisition of Tetris Pharma and £6m equity raise
Lighthouse | 01 Aug 2022

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