Arecor Therapeutics
Little Chesterford, United Kingdom

Arecor is a revenue-generating clinical-stage drug developer. Its proprietary Arestat formulation platforms are the basis of an in-house and partnered pipeline of enhanced products with lower development risks and less onerous regulatory approvals.

Investment Perspective

Arecor is leveraging its Arestat formulation expertise to create an attractive and well-balanced pipeline of in-house and partnered products. These are novel formulations of existing drugs that offer clinically significant benefits, carry lower development risk, and have faster regulatory pathways to market. Investor attention is, rightly, focused on the attractive diabetes assets (the ultra-rapid insulins AT278 and AT247), but the Specialty Hospital products tend to be overlooked. This is understandable as commercial sensitivities limit information flow, yet the milestones and royalties have the potential to build into a valuable recurring revenue stream. Progress across the mix of in-house and partnered programmes should provide a meaningful blend of value inflection points. Our valuation is £176m, or 575p a share.

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