Wetherby, United Kingdom

Avacta is a UK-based biopharmaceutical company developing novel cancer immunotherapeutics and high performing diagnostics, based on its two proprietary platforms: Affimer and pre|CISION.


Investment Perspective

Avacta’s proprietary pre|CISION platform is key to the investment case, and further details on lead programme AVA6000, a tumour targeted form of the chemotherapy doxorubicin, continue to support key hypotheses. Data show that AVA6000 is selectively activated at the target tumour site, resulting in lower toxicities, improved tolerability, and greater potency. This has translated into promising, albeit early, signs of clinical activity. AVA6000’s clinical success will help to validate pre|CISION, and could unlock an extensive opportunity to repurpose a range of proven, but currently sub-optimal, therapies, and alongside the Affimer platform, could be used in novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications. AVA6000 has now completed the seventh, and final, cohort of the Phase Ia three-weekly arm, with patient screening started in the two-weekly arm in the US. Data will direct the format of a potentially pivotal Phase II trial. News over the next 18-24 months should offer multiple value-inflection points.

Market information

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Lighthouse | 30 Apr 2024
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Lighthouse | 10 Apr 2024
Successful £31.1m fundraise despite challenging markets
Lighthouse | 06 Mar 2024

Recent News

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23 May 2024
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30 Apr 2024
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09 Apr 2024