Wetherby, United Kingdom

Avacta is a UK-based biopharmaceutical company developing novel cancer immunotherapeutics and high performing diagnostics, based on its two proprietary platforms: Affimer and pre|CISION.


Investment Perspective

Avacta employs its two proprietary platforms, Affimer and pre|CISION, to create novel diagnostic and therapeutic products. The COVID-19 pandemic thrust its ability to develop an Affimer-based LFT (lateral flow test) diagnostic into the spotlight, even though we believe greater long-term value lies within Therapeutics applications. While the COVID-19 opportunity didn’t pan out as many investors expected, it did showcase Avacta’s diagnostics capabilities and Affimers’ potential. Lead therapeutic asset AVA6000 is progressing through Phase I and should confirm the clinical utility of pre|CISION. A wider portfolio of products is being readied to exploit the platform’s tumour specific activation, which should result in greater potency and less toxicity. News flow over the next 18-24 months provides multiple value-inflection points. Our valuation is £557m, equivalent to 219p/share, from £710m, 280p/share previously.

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