Kind Consumer
London, United Kingdom

Kind Consumer has developed a novel nicotine delivery device that mimics the important aspects of cigarette smoking. Uniquely, the Voke device is registered as a medical product, yet it can still be sold easily (General Sales List). Management aims to market Voke directly in the UK, ahead of licensing out for other geographies.

Investment Perspective

Kind Consumer is poised to introduce Voke, a novel nicotine delivery device, into the UK market. Voke closely mimics the key aspects of cigarette smoking, but without tobacco’s harmful effects. The notable recent shifts in consumer acceptance of such novel devices suggest market adoption will be positive. The development, regulatory, and production processes have now been completed. Management is seeking funds to execute its commercialisation plans. Our rDCF valuation, using modest assumptions for the UK only, yields a value of £154m.

Market information

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No smoke but plenty of fire
Initiation | 11 Oct 2017

Recent News

Appointment of new CEO
01 Jan 2019
Further funding to support manufacturing facilities and commercial launch of Voke
15 Aug 2018
BAT and Kind Consumer announce new approach to commercialise Voke
05 Jan 2017