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Nexstim is a targeted neuro-modulation company that has developed a proprietary navigated rTMS platform for use in diagnostics (NBS) and therapeutics (NBT). NBS is used in planning brain surgery while NBT is focused on depression and chronic pain. FDA approval for depression was given in 2017, and the focus is on commercial roll out in the US, Europe and Asia.

Investment Perspective

Nexstim has successfully secured funding to enable the commercialisation of its proprietary Navigated Brain Therapy (NBT) platform in MDD (major depressive disorder). The near-term challenges now shift to maximising the uptake of NBT in specialist centres in North America and Europe. Initial indications are encouraging, with notable support from major centres and key opinion leaders. Our valuation and financial models have been updated to reflect the capital raise. We value Nexstim at €18.8m or €0.53 per share (€0.40 diluted), against €35.5m, or €1.00/share (€0.73/share diluted) were the remaining financial risks removed.

Market information

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