Oxford, United Kingdom

Scancell is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology specialist that is developing two innovative and flexible therapeutic vaccine platforms. ImmunoBody and Moditope induce high avidity cytotoxic CD8 and CD4 responses, respectively, with the potential to treat various cancers.

Investment Perspective

Scancell reported FY19 results in line with expectations. The cash balance at April 19 was £4.6m, with an initial inflow of £3.9m (gross) from Vulpes Life Sciences post-period. However, the main news is that SCIB1 is back in the clinic, with the Phase II trial in combination with the checkpoint inhibitor pembrolizumab (Keytruda) now underway in the UK. This 25-patient open-label study should produce its first data in H120. The delay in initiating the US study has been frustrating for both the medical community and investors. Other development programmes are progressing as expected and the management team continues to be strengthened. We continue to value the company, using a risk-adjusted NPV model, at £82.0m, or 17.6p a share.

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