Oxford, United Kingdom

Scancell is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology specialist that is developing two innovative and flexible therapeutic vaccine platforms. ImmunoBody and Moditope induce high avidity cytotoxic CD8 and CD4 responses, respectively, with the potential to treat various cancers.

Investment Perspective

Scancell has two promising vaccine platforms, ImmunoBody and Moditope, that have the potential to treat many cancers, either as monotherapy or in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. The leading ImmunoBody programme, SCIB1, is in a combination Phase II study for metastatic melanoma. Moditope is also expected to enter the clinic, with a Modi-1 Phase I/II trial expected to start during 2021. A third platform, AvidiMab, antibodies that target glycans, can be highly specific to tumour cells and has generated significant industry interest. The expertise in inducing potent immune responses is now also being directed towards a potential COVID-19 vaccine. We value Scancell, using a risk adjusted DCF model, at £72.4m, or 15.6p a share.

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