Oxford, United Kingdom

Scancell is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology specialist that is developing two innovative and flexible therapeutic vaccine platforms. ImmunoBody and Moditope induce high avidity cytotoxic CD8 and CD4 responses, respectively, with the potential to treat various cancers.

Investment Perspective

Scancell is an oncology-focussed clinical stage immunology specialist. It has two promising vaccine platforms, ImmunoBody and Moditope, and two antibody technologies, GlyMab (anti-glycans) and AvidiMab, with the potential to treat many solid cancers, either as monotherapy or in combination. Modi-1, the first Moditope programme, has started Phase I/II trials targeting hard-to-treat tumours. The lead ImmunoBody programme, SCIB1, is in a Phase II combination study in metastatic melanoma. The broad acting glycan antibodies are at earlier stages of development and will likely be partnered for clinical studies. AvidiMab technology will be increasingly employed to enhance avidity and potency, with the Phase I COVIDITY COVID-19 vaccine programme the most high-profile beneficiary. Our Scancell valuation, using a risk adjusted DCF model, is £237.4m, or 29.1p per share.

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